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High Tea-Grand Floridian Resort Disney World

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (29)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (28)

My daughter never ceases to amaze me. I think I’ve mentioned that whenever she comes home for a visit she has a surprise for me, up her sleeve. Turns out that this food adventure was slightly different from all the others not only because it tugged on my heartstrings but because it was a way to pay homage to my mom. If you’ve been following my blog, thank you so much for that, then you know my mom (mum) was from England.

My mom loved her tea. Any idea where I’m going with this yet? Melissa made reservations for High Tea-Grand Floridian Resort, Disney World. OMG!, I couldn’t believe it the Garden View Tea Room.

An entire afternoon, in memory of my mom, Melissa’s Nanny Doris, having High Tea, and a day I’ll never forget. The beautiful view of the garden from the windows that lined the tea room was absolutely breathtaking. Here’s a peek into our day.

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (10)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (16)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (11)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (14)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (13)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (12)

Melissa and I had the Cheshire Tea option. We also each had our own pot of tea of our choosing, it was simply amazing. You really did feel like royalty.

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (15)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (24)

As you looked around there were guests that showed they were going all in for the full English experience. Throughout the tea room, all you would see were people dressed in a rainbow of pastel colors with their matching fancy hats that complimented their outfits so beautifully.

I don’t believe I’ve seen a bigger smile on Melissa’s face then when Cinderella and her Prince Charming entered the room. The little girl in her came shining through.

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (22)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (21)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (27)

A special day for both of us and one we’ll never forget.


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Spending Time Outdoors


2019-04-02 13.53.19

I’ve been Spending Time Outdoors quite a bit lately. As you can tell from the picture above and those below I’ve been working pretty hard. I refurbished my Adirondack chairs. Big difference right?

Living in Florida, we’re known for our rainy season. Over time, the ground settles and the weather takes its toll on the furniture.

After finally finishing the chairs I noticed how bad the stones had become. I cleaned and leveled the patio concrete step stones, they were a mess.

2019-03-12 17.48.12

2019-03-12 17.48.33

2019-03-12 17.47.47


Between the two pictures above and the one below, I added a couple of new bird feeders and removed a couple of trees that were in really bad shape. I’m thinking, this looks much better.

2019-04-11 12.03.44

Bird Feeder

My bird feeder gets a lot of action from the neighborhood Cardinals. To the right of the bird feeder are my Hydrangeas. This picture was taken during the summer when everything’s a beautiful vibrant green.


A wrought iron bistro set brings a little charm to this part of the yard.

2019-04-06 20.21.28

Ok, now this is Steve’s shed, I can’t do anything about the inside but I can sure help the outside a little. Placing a couple of small bushes and solar lights on each side. Filling those areas with the accents of white pebble stones. Finally, bordering each side with a mini garden fence.

2019-03-12 17.49.14

I love Hibiscus but it just so happens so do the squirrels.


2019-03-12 17.47.28

2018-08-24 07.34.45

Comfort Place

2019-03-12 17.49.42

Dwarf Boxwoods.jpg

The Dwarf Boxwood Shrubs add a touch of green to the side of our driveway. As they grow they can be trimmed and shaped into the style of small box-like bushes.

2018-02-16 09.32.49 HDR

My Comfortable Place is in the front carport area with beautiful flowers all around me. I spend a lot of time out here. Oh, and of course My Organic Hanging Herb Garden.



My Comfortable Place



My Organic Hanging Herb Garden


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Tips For Your Fresh Herbs

Frozen Fresh Basil

Frozen Fressh Basil

When certain herbs aren’t in season, I have a great tip for storing them so you’ll have fresh herbs all year long. Ice cube trays are an awesome way to do just that. You want to finely chop the herb of your choice.  Next, place them into whatever type of tray you have on hand. I have these funky rectangle ice trays that have silicone bottoms, so they are easy to pop out whatever you’ve frozen.

2018-08-09 16.36.10

2018-08-09 16.39.16

I place the herbs in each one. These hold 1 tablespoon each. Next, carefully fill them up with water, and freeze.

2018-08-09 16.40.21

Once they’re frozen, I pop them out and transfer to ziplock baggies. Mark the bags with the name of the herb and the date. You’ll have fresh herbs whenever you need them.

Frozen Fressh Basil

2018-08-17 18.21.23


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