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My Comfortable Place

My Comfortable Place (2)

This area outside my house I call My Comfortable Place.

Spring Flowers

Potting Table (1)

Potting Table (2)

Potting Table


While sitting in my rocking chair, I had a thought. I decided to challenge myself to use each one of my herbs to make really easy and delicious dishes.


My Rosemary is out back in a different garden. Rosemary, is a much hardier herb and grows to be quite large. Planting the Rosemary in the ground only made sense.

Sweet Basil (2)

Sweet Basil.





English Lavender




2020-05-02 08.52.49



Garlic Chives.



Flat Leaf Italian Parsley

Italian Flat-leaf Parsley.

Starting soon, I’ll be profiling each of these herbs and incorporate them into a main or side dish. Fresh herbs bring so much flavor and to any recipe. They give the dish a gourmet touch. Well, I better get started on my first dish! Happy Cooking!

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Summertime In The Garden


My Agapanthus and Lavender are blooming beautifully. I’m so ready for the foundation to be finished so we can start on our outdoor entertainment area. I have this vision in mind of how everything is going to look, but like everything else, these things take time and money.

Anyway, I thought I’d post a few pics on how the landscaping is going away from the construction area. That area is just a hot mess. You’ll see that I like sectioning off different areas with a variety of trees, shrubs. or flowers. I think it looks, I don’t know, pretty cool.

 Summertime In The Garden.



My cactus garden might very well get out of hand. This one’s growing fast.


Oh!, and we expanded a sitting area in the back part of the yard. We just laid a few more stones for a contrast in color, it needed it.


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Living in the south can sometimes be a challenge when trying to grow certain plants. The sun is so strong and the humidity is so high at times that I can barely stand it, let alone the plants.

One of my absolute favorite plants is lavender.  When I’m visiting my daughter in San Francisco, I noticed they grow like crazy up there.

They do sell lavender here so I’m assuming they should grow here. Someone somewhere is playing a bad trick on me. because I can’t seem to keep one alive. I couldn’t help myself I bought another one and I’m gonna try again.

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