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Spending Time Outdoors


2019-04-02 13.53.19

I’ve been Spending Time Outdoors quite a bit lately. As you can tell from the picture above and those below I’ve been working pretty hard. I refurbished my Adirondack chairs. Big difference right?

Living in Florida, we’re known for our rainy season. Over time, the ground settles and the weather takes its toll on the furniture.

After finally finishing the chairs I noticed how bad the stones had become. I cleaned and leveled the patio concrete step stones, they were a mess.

2019-03-12 17.48.12

2019-03-12 17.48.33

2019-03-12 17.47.47


Between the two pictures above and the one below, I added a couple of new bird feeders and removed a couple of trees that were in really bad shape. I’m thinking, this looks much better.

2019-04-11 12.03.44

Bird Feeder

My bird feeder gets a lot of action from the neighborhood Cardinals. To the right of the bird feeder are my Hydrangeas. This picture was taken during the summer when everything’s a beautiful vibrant green.


A wrought iron bistro set brings a little charm to this part of the yard.

2019-04-06 20.21.28

Ok, now this is Steve’s shed, I can’t do anything about the inside but I can sure help the outside a little. Placing a couple of small bushes and solar lights on each side. Filling those areas with the accents of white pebble stones. Finally, bordering each side with a mini garden fence.

2019-03-12 17.49.14

I love Hibiscus but it just so happens so do the squirrels.


2019-03-12 17.47.28

2018-08-24 07.34.45

Comfort Place

2019-03-12 17.49.42

Dwarf Boxwoods.jpg

The Dwarf Boxwood Shrubs add a touch of green to the side of our driveway. As they grow they can be trimmed and shaped into the style of small box-like bushes.

2018-02-16 09.32.49 HDR

My Comfortable Place is in the front carport area with beautiful flowers all around me. I spend a lot of time out here. Oh, and of course My Organic Hanging Herb Garden.



My Comfortable Place



My Organic Hanging Herb Garden


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Spring Forward






Well, the hard cold weather has passed us down here in Orlando, and that’s good news for my garden.

My heirloom tomato plant, arugula, and other herbs are doing great. The Hydrangea has been cut back right at the end of our winter and is now with their bright new green leaves are starting a new. Cactus garden, well, you’ll have to see for yourself.

Reaching one more achievement, I’m celebrating the fact my lavender is still alive, and that just surprises me every day. Oh, and my Meyer lemon tree well just have a look. Yay!

My hanging herb garden with flat leaf Italian parsley, thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary, and mint on the wall are doing just fine. To be perfectly honest, when I was younger I couldn’t grow a thing, as I grew older, gardening became a part of my life, kind of like meditating. There’s just a calming feeling when you’re out in the garden.

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In my earlier post on this beauty, I talked about how hard it was for me, here in Florida to grow my favorite flower. I can tell you I have spent a lot of money trying to figure out the right lighting, how much water, and how often to water. It has paid off so far. I was so determined to make this work.

Last year we had a very old and large tree removed from the backyard. Due to our storm season and the bad weather that comes along with that, if a tree looks like it may be a danger, it has to come down. Not to worry, another tree was planted, in a different location, to take its place. It’s never easy to watch these magnificent and very large trees be dismantled.

Anyway, left was a large mound of mulch where the tree once stood. I looked at that mound every day, thinking to myself, this is a constant reminder of what was left. Then it hit me, this is the place. I went to our local nursery and bought a hydrangea, then another and another. Every day I go out back and just gaze at their beauty.

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Growing Hydrangeas



Can I tell you, that in Florida, hydrangeas are not easy plants to grow? I’ve learned that they don’t like the humidity at all, so I decided to plant them in the fall. They seem to be doing alright so far. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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