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My Meyer Lemon Tree’s One Year Anniversary


My Meyer Lemon Tree’s a year old. I can remember planting this tree and posting the picture in my “gardening category”. I was so proud. Look at her now. She still somewhat small but she’s produced 4 large lemons. I’ve got something great in store for these beauties, #meyerlemons.

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Spring Forward






Well, the hard cold weather has passed us down here in Orlando, and that’s good news for my garden.

My heirloom tomato plant, arugula, and other herbs are doing great. The Hydrangea has been cut back right at the end of our winter and is now with their bright new green leaves are starting a new. Cactus garden, well, you’ll have to see for yourself.

Reaching one more achievement, I’m celebrating the fact my lavender is still alive, and that just surprises me every day. Oh, and my Meyer lemon tree well it just has a look.

My hanging herb garden with flat-leaf Italian parsley, thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary, and mint on the wall are doing just fine. To be perfectly honest, when I was younger I couldn’t grow a thing, as I grew older, gardening became a part of my life, kind of like meditating. There’s just a calming feeling when you’re out in the garden.

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Lemons, The Perfect Citrus



I don’t think that I could ever say enough about the lemon, it’s the perfect citrus.  It has to be my favorite. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase Meyer’s lemon tree this year. Meyer Lemon is a lemon that been kissed with a tangerine.

Recipes that are prepared with lemon juice or lemon zest are super flavorful. Lemons brighten up any dish.

Here’s a picture of my first Meyer lemon tree.  I hope you will watch it grow with me as I take a lemon journey through food and cocktails.  Maybe one day soon I’ll be picking my own lemons.

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