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Freshfields Farm










Spacious, barnlike grocery store proving local produce, ample meats, and an on-site ice cream shop. This local grocery store is my go-to one-stop-shop for meat and produce. Grass-fed beef, local and organic fruits, and vegetables at super reasonable prices. Visit their website at

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My Organic Hanging Herb Garden

My organic hanging herb garden.  I believe that any dish is not complete without a sprinkling of fresh herbs.  When marinating any type of protein its adds extra flavor to your marinate.  So next time your in the kitchen and you want to kick up the flavor of your favorite recipe try adding some fresh herbs.

I believe no dish is complete without a sprinkling of fresh herbs. When added to a marinade, tossed into a salad, sprinkled into a soup or stew, or just as a garnish they add so much flavor. So next time you’re in the kitchen making your favorite dish try adding fresh herbs.

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