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2019-07-19 12.17.37

Today was a sister’s lunch date. She chose Bartaco which is a hot spot for the locals in the Dr. Phillips area off “Restaurant Row”.

I brought along a gift basket, I’d made, for my niece Danielle’s birthday. I filled it with all the essentials. She loves to bake.

As you enter Bartaco the interior walls have a white-washed look with inspiring photography on the walls, woven basket light fixtures, and a sprawling bar in the center, you’d think you were in a bar on the beach in South America.

Here’s a peek at our visit to BarTaco. For more information visit them at http://www.bartaco.com.

2019-07-19 12.17.55

Outdoor Seating

2019-07-19 12.18.01

2019-07-19 12.18.04

2019-07-19 12.18.08

2019-07-19 12.18.16

2019-07-19 12.32.40

2019-07-15 10.35.16

2019-07-15 14.56.56

2019-07-19 12.19.53

2019-07-19 12.20.10

2019-07-19 12.20.20

2019-07-19 12.19.33

2019-07-19 12.20.52

2019-07-19 12.18.54

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Jaleo, Disney Springs

2019-07-03 17.08.24

Steve and I received a gift from Melissa last year for reservations at Jaleo to celebrate our anniversary. Jaleo, Disney Springs, his fifth restaurant is owned by the esteemed chef José Andrés. Most of you probably know chef José by all the amazing work he does feeding people during hard times. Recently he’s been spending a lot of time in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Presently, chef José has found ways to help feed people during New York City’s shut down over the COVID-19 Pandemic which has had our whole country on pause. This man, a great humanitarian, may very well be talked about when we look back at this time in our history.

“Shelter in place” is how our country is dealing with containing the spreading of this horrible virus. This means no going out staying at home. With the exception of the bank, grocery store, pharmacy, or to get gas that’s what life has become, at least for a while.

We are all practicing “social distancing”, staying six feet apart to help stop the spread of this virus that’s taking the lives of so many people.

I want to thank all the healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, cleaning staff at all the hospitals, first responders, firemen, and police for all their heroism in fighting this virus.

Once this is all over and things get back to some kind of normalcy I hope you will visit Jaleo, Disney Springs, located at 1482 E Buena Vista Dr. Orlando, FL. 32830 or visit https://disneyworld.disney.go.com.

Here’s a peek into mine and Steve’s anniversary celebration.

2019-07-03 17.08.52

2019-07-03 17.09.02

2019-07-03 17.09.56

2019-07-03 17.10.00

2019-07-03 17.10.45

2019-07-03 17.11.21

2019-07-03 17.12.00

2019-07-03 17.12.03

2019-07-03 17.12.06

2019-07-03 17.12.09

2019-07-03 17.12.19

2019-07-03 17.57.24

2019-07-03 17.24.30

2019-07-03 17.25.29

2019-07-03 17.25.33

2019-07-03 17.25.41

2019-07-03 17.45.41

2019-07-03 17.56.10

2019-07-03 17.56.35

Jamon Iberico.

2019-07-03 17.28.13

2019-07-03 17.30.11

2019-07-03 17.29.57

Manchego Cheese.

2019-07-03 17.24.52

Chicken And Wild Mushroom Paella.

2019-07-03 17.39.27

Quesada Asturiana.

2019-07-03 18.01.52

2019-07-03 18.01.58

2019-07-03 18.03.33

2019-07-03 18.03.37

2019-07-03 17.08.24

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Maxine’s On Shine

Maxine's On Shine (55)

My daughter’s home for a visit and I wanted to take her to one of our local and well-known restaurants, Maxine’s On Shine. Maxine’s is located in downtown Orlando which is really right around the corner from where I live. My sister Tina’s also going to join us for dinner.

First, let me show you a few pictures of the inside of Maxine’s.

Maxine's On Shine (56)


Maxine's On Shine (60)

Maxine's On Shine (59)

Maxine's On Shine (62)

Maxine's On Shine (14)

Maxine's On Shine (61)

Maxine's On Shine (57)

Maxine's On Shine (1)

Girls’ night out! Dinner and drinks with my sister Tina, and my daughter Melissa. Am I squinting or just really happy?

maxine's on shine (8)

It’s best said, “they are a romantic eatery featuring an eclectic menu, regular live music, and whimsical 40’s style decor”. Here’s a peek at their menu.

Maxine's On Shine (2)

Maxine's On Shine (4)

Maxine's On Shine (3)

How about what we ordered. The Bruschetta.

Maxine's On Shine (5)

The Key West Crab Cakes With Firecracker Sauce.

Maxine's On Shine (9)

Maxine's On Shine (10)

The Wine Lover’s Board.

Wine Lover's Board

Drunken Mussels.

Maxine's On Shine (11)

Lobster Ravioli.

Maxine's On Shine (12)

Finally, The Chilean Sea Bass served over a lobster and corn risotto and topped with a saffron mousse.

Maxine's On Shine (13)

For more information visit their website at http://www.maxinesonshine.com. 

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