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Petty’s Meat Market

on April 28, 2016


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Whenever I’m looking for inspiration, I know exactly where to go, Petty’s Meats. Located at 2141 W State Rd. 434, Longwood, FL. 32779, north of Orlando. They’re open from 10 am-7 pm, Monday- Saturday.

I found some beautiful boneless- skinless chicken and I new right then I wasn’t leaving the store without them.

Petty’s offer everything for the “Foodie”. Whether you are a beginner, home cook, or a gourmet chef, you’ll find it here. All natural beef and chicken, custom made in sausages, and deli meats, made in house. They have pork, seafood, desserts, cheeses, sauces, craft beers, and a variety of wines. The knowledgeable staff at Petty’s are ready to help with all you food needs. If you just want to bring home a ready to make meal, they will customize one just for you.

To some up, I’d say that Petty’s is eye candy for the foodie in you.

I couldn’t wait to get home and start cooking. Growing up my grandmother always taught me to keep a stocked pantry, and buy you produce and protein the day you’re going to cook. So that’s exactly what I do. I went earlier to the Farmers market and found some fennel, and blood oranges. I already had, on hand, some San Marzano tomatoes and fresh blueberries. I decided on a fennel and blood orange salad topped with the Petty’s chicken. I made a simple vinaigrette using the juice from the blood oranges and just drizzles that over the top.

The chicken, I decided to grill. I brushed them lightly with a little Canola oil, and simply seasoned them with Kosher salt, and fresh cracked black pepper. Once the chicken was cooked, I let them rest for a minute, then sliced them on the bias. I spread the warm grilled chicken over the cool crisp fennel and blood orange salad. Along side, some of the tomatoes, sliced avocado, and fresh blueberries. Garnished with a few fennel fronds. I’d say dinner was a success. Thank you Petty’s!!


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