Petty’s Meats Market In Longwood

Petty's Meat Market

Whenever I’m looking for inspiration, I know exactly where to go, Petty’s Meats. Located at 2141 W State Rd. 434, Longwood, FL. 32779, north of Orlando. They’re open from 10 am-7 pm, Monday- Saturday.

I found some beautiful boneless-skinless chicken, I knew right then I wasn’t leaving the store without them.

I visited their website to post a few pictures to share. Much to my surprise, they posted the dish I made using the chicken I’d bought. Check it out!

Petty’s Meat Market offers everything for the “Foodie”. Whether you’re a home cook or a gourmet chef, you’ll find it here. All-natural beef and chicken, custom made in sausages, and deli meats, made in-house. They have pork, seafood, desserts, cheeses, sauces, craft beers, and a variety of wines. The knowledgeable staff at Petty’s are ready to help with all your food needs. If you just want to bring home a ready-to-make meal, they’ll customize one for you.

To sum up, Petty’s Meats is the perfect place for all you local Foodies out there! For more information visit their website at