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Disney Springs 2017

This year, when my daughter came to visit, I didn’t think we could top our adventures from the last time. I was wrong! Before leaving for our Colorado vacation, we spent the entire day at Disney Springs.

We started out our day at The Boathouse.  A restaurant that overlooks the water, and has a bar set up at the end of its dock. Relaxing by the water, taking in the magnificent view, and enjoying a cocktail.

Dinner with family and friends was at Morimoto Asia.  I’d been there before and knew that my friends would love it, and they did! The food was delicious and the restaurants’ decor was simply candy for the eyes.

After an amazing dinner, we walked around. We listened to music, saw sidewalk performers, then, made our way to Paddlefish.  A little trivia, many years ago, this riverboat is known as, Paddlefish,  was once named Empress Lilly.

Paddlefish, a beautiful riverboat, is a restaurant with a cocktail lounge on the top deck. They make a Bloody Mary that included a few surprises!

Disney Springs was just magical. Enjoying time with family and good friends. Watching the sunset over the water then seeing it disappear into the horizon was beautiful.  Disney Springs flipped its magical switch, and all the many lights came on. The sparkle of the lights reflecting over the water was simply breathtaking.



Our Family BBQ Was One I’ll never forget.


Meeting Steve’s mom and extended family was something I’d been looking forward to for a long time. Ruth Newman and husband Charlie were the sweetest people. They made me feel so welcome as a new member of their family.

Traveling to the Tennessee mountains for the first time was pretty cool. Steve’s family live on a Plato in a small town called Crossville. I wanted to go to their local grocery store called Kroger. I’d heard about it so I was excited to check it out. I, of course, bought a few things to make dinner for everyone because that’s what I love to do even on vacation.

I gave the family a choice on where they wanted to go for dinner. Guess where they wanted to go for dinner, Greece!  I was thrilled. I decided to make a Greek salad (also known as a Greek village salad, and to go with that, Spanakopita. To get my recipes for these dishes click on the links below.


Greek Salad

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