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Disney Springs 2018

Disney Springs 2018 (4)

Disney Springs 2018 (5)

Wine Bar George is where our day started.

Disney Springs 2018 (2)

Disney Springs 2018 (67)

Disney Springs 2018 (68)

Disney Springs 2018 (22)

Disney Springs 2018 (23)

Disney Springs 2018 (18)


Amorette's (2)

Melissa bought me this Fall Festival cake, what a surprise! One thing I need to let you know when you’re visiting Disney Springs during the EPCOT Food And Wine Festival, always check in with the information center. Ask if they have a special map showing all of the places, at the Springs, offering Fall Food Festival goodies.

Enzo's Fall Cakes

Fall Festival Cakes


Disney Springs 2018 (17)

Disney Springs 2018 (20)

Disney Springs 2018 (31)

Enzo’s offers tapas at their Hideaway Tunnel Bar.

Disney Springs 2018 (43)

Disney Springs 2018 (42)

Disney Springs 2018 (41)

Disney Springs 2018 (40)

Next, dinner together at the boathouse.

The Boathouse

The Boathouse (2)

What’s really interesting about this appetizer is the Pear Mignonette. Normally the Mignonette is a shallot vinaigrette but this one is done with pears. Delicious!!!

Here are some night shots of  Disney Springs 2018.

Disney Springs 2018 (61)

STK was our destination for dinner on our second visit to the Springs.

STK (2)

Steve’s is amazed by everything he’s seeing.

STK (3)

STK (2)

STK (9)

STK (4)

STK (29)

The D.J.  kept the music on point.

STK (12)

STK (13)

STK (31)

STK (14)

STK (15)

Warm Bread served with a chive oil.

Tuna Tartare

Lamb Lollipops, Chef’s Special

STK (28)

Corn Pudding,  Creamy Yukon Potatoes, and Foraged Mushrooms.

Bone-In Filet With Truffle Butter

Seared Sea Scallops With Cauliflower Succotash.

Hibachi Chicken With Brussel Sprouts And Apple Kimchi.

STK (30)

Cotton Candy And Chocolate Cake.

STK (1)

For more information about Disney Springs Shopping and Entertainment visit their website at

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Disney Springs 2017

This year, when my daughter came to visit, I didn’t think we could top our adventures from the last time. I was wrong! Before leaving for our Colorado vacation, we spent the entire day at Disney Springs.

We started out our day at The Boathouse.  A restaurant that overlooks the water, and has a bar set up at the end of its dock. Relaxing by the water, taking in the magnificent view, and enjoying a cocktail.

Dinner with family and friends was at Morimoto Asia.  I’d been there before and knew that my friends would love it, and they did! The food was delicious and the restaurants’ decor was simply candy for the eyes.

After an amazing dinner, we walked around. We listened to music, saw sidewalk performers, then, made our way to Paddlefish.  A little trivia, many years ago, this riverboat is known as, Paddlefish,  was once named Empress Lilly.

Paddlefish, a beautiful riverboat, is a restaurant with a cocktail lounge on the top deck. They make a Bloody Mary that included a few surprises!

Disney Springs was just magical. Enjoying time with family and good friends. Watching the sunset over the water then seeing it disappear into the horizon was beautiful.  Disney Springs flipped its magical switch, and all the many lights came on. The sparkle of the lights reflecting over the water was simply breathtaking.



Disney Springs, Orlando


Growing up in Orlando, Disney World was a big part of my life. Visiting the parks during my childhood gave me memories that will stay with me forever. Having a daughter and being able to make more magical memories, at the happiest place on earth,  I will cherish forever.

Watching Disney World grow over the years has been amazing. I can remember when Disney Spring was called Downtown Disney.  The recently remodeled huge 24 theater Disney Cineplex is still on the property.

Then there was Pleasure Island.  Pleasure Island was a place where the “nightlife” came alive. Adults could visit an eclectic string of nightclubs and restaurants. They were known for their New Years Eve parties.

There was also a theme restaurant that was designed in the shape of a huge earth like sphere called Planet Hollywood. The restaurant was inside the sphere and decorated with everything Hollywood. There also was a gift shop below where you could buy Hollywood memorabilia.

Just like all the parks, Disney is always looking for ways to improve and update all their other properties. Disney Springs is just another example of how they just keep surprising us. The scenery as you walk through Disney Spring will take your breath away.  The pictures that I posted above is where the original parking lot was for Downtown Disney. For convenience, there are two large parking garages known as Orange and Lime.

Now, let me take you deep inside the springs for a peek at some new restaurants, bars, and shops that make up Disney Springs.


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