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Cork & Fork American Grill




Central Florida’s NEW “Freshtaurant”


What Is a “Freshtaurant”?

A “Freshtaurant” or commonly known as a “Farm to Table Restaurant” is a venue that uses only locally grown ingredients which offers a bolder taste and more nutritional value versus frozen and out of state shipped ingredients. Located at 5180 S Conway Rd. Orlando, Florida 32812. For more information visit

Their pan seared Cauliflower Steak was featured on our local news station, in the “Chef’s Kitchen” segment. If you’re looking to dine with local and seasonal ingredients, this is a must stop. For more stop visit their website at

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Highball & Harvest

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A modern approach to southern cuisine is what they represent. Located in the Ritz Carlton, Grand Lakes off Central Florida Parkway, they are moving food from field to table. Using farms such as Whisper Creek, Highball & Harvest can provide the freshest local ingredients to both their food and their cocktails.

When I prepare a dish at home, I’m always looking for what’s seasonal and locally grown at my farmer’s market. It’s refreshing to see that more and more of our restaurants in Central Florida are doing the same. I’m thinking it’s time for me to go on a culinary adventure and visit the new Highball & Harvest. For more information on what the Ritz Carlton has to offer visit

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K Restaurant

K Restaurant .JPG

I feel very lucky to reside in the College Park area here in Orlando. We have a great community and a wide array of restaurants. On the top of my list is K Restaurant, which is owned by Chef Kevin Fonzo who his filming, at the moment, with Chef Emeril, for “Emeril’s Florida”. How cool is that? Visit for directions, menu and hours of operation. In the meantime, here’s a peek.

It’s so awesome, two great chefs are right around the corner from where I live. Anyway if you’re looking to have a “date night” this is the place to go. Chef Kevin Fonzo, on top of all his other accomplishments, is a James Beard Award Nominee. I’m hoping to have the privilege of meeting him real soon.

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