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on December 6, 2013

In my earlier post on this beauty, I talked about how hard it was for me, here in Florida to grow my favorite flower. I can tell you I have spent a lot of money trying to figure out the right lighting, how much water, and how often to water this baby.  It has paid off so far. I was so determined to make this work. Last year we had a very old and large tree removed from the yard. Here where I live, because of our storm season, if a tree is a danger in any way, well it has to come down. No worries, I planted another to take it’s place, but it is still very hard to watch these magnificent and very large trees be dismantled. Anyway, left was a large mound of mulch where the tree once stood. I looked at that mound everyday, it was a constant reminder of all that was left behind. Then it came to me, this is the place. I went to the nursery and bought one, then another and another. Everyday I go out back and just gaze at their beauty.Image


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