Provençal-style Baked Chilean Sea Bass

Melissa’s just come home for a visit and staying at a rental home close to me. I’m really excited to get into the kitchen and make a great home-cooked meal together. Earlier we went grocery shopping and decided on Chilean Sea Bass.

I knew she wanted to cook together so I camed armed with the basics. I brought a sheet pan, small cutting board, chef’s knife, Microplane, olive oil, Kosher, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Not knowing, for sure, if there was a casserole dish available, we improvised, and bought a disposable pan, and I’m glad we did, it worked out perfect.

I like to do slightly different variations of past dishes. Besides using Sea Bass filets, I also added roasted Piquillo peppers to this lastest version. I’ve posted a link to my Procençal-style Grouper, a very similar recipe, below. This recipe will walk you through, step-by-step, how to pull this dish together.

This is my Provençal-style Baked Chilean Sea Bass.