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Fennel Slaw

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Fennel Slaw is one of our favorite side dishes. The key to a great salad or slaw is to have a lot of different colors and textures.

Food Mandoline Slicer

Mandolin Food Slicer is one of the best kitchen gadgets ever! The Mandolin slices veggies and potatoes paper-thin. It’s just wonderful!

Fennel bulb

This is a Fennel bulb. It’s so delicious! Slightly sweet, crunchy with an Anise or Liquorice flavor. It can be eaten raw, roasted, in soup, stews, or puréed. Adding fennel to slaw adds depth of flavor. I always save the green leafy fronds for garnish and added color.

Fennel bulb

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Prep Time: 20 minutes
Yields: 6 servings
Equipment: Mandolin, chef’s knife, large mixing bowl,  large Tupperware container with lid

1 head green cabbage, cored and sliced (using Mandolin)
1 Fennel bulb, cored and sliced  (using Mandolin)
1/2 cup of store-bought shredded carrots
1/2 a large red onion sliced (using Mandolin)
1/2 cup of raisins
2 tablespoons of finely chopped flat-leaf Italian parsley
2 tablespoons of fennel fronds, chopped, for garnish

Fennel Slaw Dressing:
3/4 cup of good mayonnaise
1/4 cup of milk
2 tablespoons Agave nectar
1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar ( if you like a slightly more tart flavor add more vinegar)
2 tablespoon of granulated sugar
1 tablespoon of celery seed
1 teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper
1 tablespoon Kosher salt

Add sliced cabbage,  sliced fennel, sliced red onion, shredded carrots, fennel fronds, chopped flat-leaf Italian parsley, and raisins into a large bowl.

In a second bowl add the mayo, milk, apple cider vinegar, celery seed, agave nectar, granulated sugar, Kosher salt, and freshly cracked black pepper. Whisk all those ingredients together.

Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to Cole Slaw. You may like your slaw either on the vinegary side or a sweeter side. Taste to make any adjustments to the level of sweetness (sugar) or tartness (vinegar) you desire.

Pour the dressing over the Fennel Slaw toss to combine. Place into the frig, serve chilled.


Corned Beef And Cabbage

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My recipe for Corned Beef And Cabbage is so easy. Once you look over how easy it is, I believe you won’t have to go out, instead, you’ll be able to enjoy this traditional holiday dish at home.

Making this dish for St. Patrick’s Day fills my house with the smells and memories of growing up and knowing Spring was just around the corner.

I start this dish with a flat-cut of brisket. Because it’s just Steve and me, I’m using a piece that’s around 2 1/4-pounds. Let’s get started!




The mixture of chicken and beef broth together make for a perfect combination of flavors.

For the spices, I use what’s known as a pickling spice. This spice blend is readily available now in the “spice section” at your local grocery store.



Around an hour into the corned beef cooking,  I start working on the cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.











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Yields: 2 to 4 servings
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 2 1/2 to 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours 20 minutes
Equipment: 6-quart Dutch oven, 6-quart stockpot, large mixing bowl

2 1/4-pound flat-cut brisket, room temperature
1 tablespoon of pickling spice
2 small heads of green cabbage, quartered
7 medium-size Yukon gold potatoes, quartered
5 medium-size carrots, peeled and slice 2-inches thick
1-quart of low sodium beef broth (for the brisket)
3-quarts of unsalted chicken broth (1 for the meat, 2 for the vegetables)
2 cups of hot water
3 tablespoons of Kosher salt (2 tablespoons for the potatoes)
1 teaspoon of fresh ground black pepper

Place the room temperature brisket in the bottom of a large Dutch oven. Next, add the pickling spice and the mixture of unsalted chicken and beef broth. The meat should be totally submerged. Turn the heat to high, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium and simmer.

Place the lid on the Dutch oven, continue to cook on medium heat for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. After 2 1/2 hours check the corned beef to see if it is ready. If not, continue cooking for another 1/2 hour. You want the meat to be tender but still hold its integrity so, when sliced, the corned beef doesn’t break up into tiny little shreds.

Around an hour into the cooking process of the corned beef, prep your vegetables. Peel and slice the carrots, 2-inches thick. Peel and quarter the potatoes.

Transfer the quartered potatoes to a large stockpot and cover with cold water. On medium-high heat bring the potatoes up to a boil. Add 2 tablespoons of  Kosher salt. Continue to boil for 5 minutes before turning the heat off. Pour them to a colander to drain really well, then transfer to a large mixing bowl.

In the meantime, cut the cabbage into quarters. Using the same large stock pot add the quartered pieces of cabbage. Pour 2-quarts of unsalted chicken broth into the pot. On medium-high heat bring the cabbage up to a boil, reduce the heat to medium, simmer uncovered for 20 minutes.

Still, on medium heat, add the parboiled potatoes to the pot. Add the Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper and continue cooking the cabbage and potatoes together for another 20 minutes.

At this point, the liquid will have slightly evaporated. To ensure there is enough liquid left in the pot you’ll need to add 2 cups of very hot water before adding the sliced carrots.

Continue cooking the cabbage, carrots, and potatoes together for another 20 minutes, then turn the heat to off and place a lid on allowing the carrots to become fork tender.

Remove the corned beef from the pot (if any pickling spices are clinging to the meat just brush them off) transferring the corned beef to a plate. cover with foil and allow to rest for 15 minutes before slicing.

Note: Check to make sure the cabbage, carrots, and potatoes are still hot before plating. Reheat if needed.

Place a few slices of the corned beef and a good helping of the vegetables on a plate. Ladle the broth from the vegetables over the top of the Corned Beef And Cabbage. 

Have a side of yellow or spicy mustard on hand!

Serve hot.

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Coleslaw With Cumin Dressing

Coleslaw With Cumin Dressing


Whenever I’m craving coleslaw, I like to make sure it pairs well with the star of the dish.  In this case, it’s going to be my Spicy Cornmeal Breaded Catfish. My Coleslaw With Cumin Dressing is the perfect complement.







Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Yields: 4 to 6 servings
Equipment: Chef’s knife, large mixing bowl, medium-size mixing bowl,  jelly jar with a tight-fitting lid, mandolin, box grater, whisk

1 head of green cabbage, sliced thin
1/4 head of red cabbage, sliced thin
2 large carrots (1/2 cup), peeled and grated
1 cup of golden raisins
1 1/2 cups of good mayonnaise
1/4 cup of granulated sugar
1/4 cup whole milk
4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons of caraway seeds
1 teaspoon of celery seed
2 tablespoons of ground cumin
1 teaspoon of Kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon of fresh ground black pepper

Start by removing the core of one head of green cabbage and the core of half of the red cabbage. Store the unused red cabbage in a tightly sealed plastic baggie and store in the refrigerator. Using a mandolin, grate both types of cabbage and transfer them to a large mixing bowl. Next, using a box grater, grate the carrots also transferring to the same large bowl. Add the golden raisins. Transfer the bowl to the refrigerator until you’re ready to dress and serve the coleslaw.

In a separate bowl add the mayonnaise, granulated sugar, whole milk, apple cider vinegar, caraway seeds, celery seed, ground cumin, Kosher salt, and freshly ground black pepper, whisk to combine. Transfer the coleslaw dressing to a container with a tight-fitting lid. Transfer the coleslaw dressing to the refrigerator.

It’s important not to dress the coleslaw until your ready to serve.

I do this because if you dress it too early, it doesn’t have that crunch factor, plus you can take the amount of coleslaw mix (raw cabbage mixture) you’re going to serve at that time, and just spoon on a few tablespoons of the dressing until you have the preferred consistency. Toss them together let sit for just a minute and you will have the perfect Coleslaw With Cumin Dressing every time.


Spicy Cornmeal Breaded Catfish


Sautéed Asparagus With Lemon Pepper

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