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Rotisserie Chicken

on April 7, 2016

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Rotisserie Chicken is a staple in my house. The meals you can pull together in a pinch are endless. I’m thinking a cool crisp salad with warm tender chicken on top, YUM! I find it’s a great way to clean out your frig too.

So, I have the frig open and I’m seeing some seedless green grapes, strawberries, half a red onion, oh, and one of those bags of mixed greens. YES, this is going to work out just perfect. I’m not sure why, but I always bring home a pint of those sweet grape tomatoes. I think I’m obsessed with those babies.

Well I need a huge bowl so everyone can join the party. First, the greens, next the fruit and tomatoes. Wait!, I need something crunchy. I walk to the pantry and what do you know, walnuts, perfect!  A quick chop and right into the bowl with those. Now I’m thinking cheese…,  Back to the frig and grab some goat cheese. That soft, creamy, tangy, goodness crumbled all over the top will make this extra special. Now, for the chicken.shredded a layered all over the top. I believe I have a bag, somewhere, Oh yeah, here they are. croutons. Got to have croutons.

A quick and simple lemon vinaigrette dressing to drizzle over the top, a glass of sweet tea and the TV remote. I’d say this is a perfect ending to a busy day.



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