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Shrimp Cocktail

on December 28, 2015

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It’s really all about taking a simple dish and making it look like a million dollars. I mean we eat with our eyes first, right? When I make shrimp cocktail as an appetizer, I like to buy the large shrimp. When you buying shrimp, you’ll notice a numbers underneath the price, like  16-20, 8-10. These numbers let you know about how many shrimp are in a pound. The smaller the numbers, the larger the shrimp will be. I like to leave the tails on. They give you something to hold onto while dipping. I also like to steam my shrimp, not boil. Now sometimes I’ll even roast them.

Once I’ve cleaned and prepared the shrimp to be steamed, I season them with simply, Kosher salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. I toss them really well in a bowl so they are all nice and coated with the seasonings, and just simply steam them. I have a pot that has a removable basket and a glass lid. I like the glass lid, it allows me to see when the shrimp are ready to come out.

Note: once you see the shrimp form the shape of the letter “C” they are “cooked”. If they form the shape of the letter “O” they’re “overcooked. I think that a great rule to follow.

When plating, I place some leafy greens on the bottom and lay the shrimp down around the cocktail sauce. Having a homemade cocktail sauce or a really good store bought one works just fine.  Simple but elegant.


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