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Sugarbuzz Dezert Company


It’s been a little over a year that I’ve worked at the neighborhood diner, Christo’s Café. I’ve really built a relationship with my guests at the diner. Recently I’ve was introduced to owner/baker Ron James of the Sugar Buzz Dezert Company.

Wait, let me back up a bit. I mean the longer I’m there, there more I get to know them. There’s really not a lot of time for chit-chat when you’re as busy as we are, but every now and then I learn something new.

Every weekend we have the most awesome group of guys that come in and by luck, sometimes they end up in my section. Now, in the case of, this past weekend, they all came in and we were given a box of delicious mini pies. They were absolutely delicious.

If I knew now what I didn’t know then, I would have taken a picture of these beauties and posted them right along with this. The support of small and family-owned businesses is what our College Park community is all about.

The owners of Sugarbuzz come into our neighborhood diner and have breakfast with us once a week. Just when you think things couldn’t get any sweeter, they bring in a box of their homemade cookies for all of us. Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Chunk With Sea Salt, Lemon Sugar, Oatmeal Raisin, and Double Chocolate Chunk. These cookies aren’t like cookies you’ve had before. They are so deliciously soft, chewy, and don’t even get me started on their size, they’re HUGE! 

Let me give you a little background on Sugarbuzz. Owner, Ron James made baking a way of relieving stress after a hard day’s work in the business world. Earning for more knowledge, he attended classed at the San Francisco Baking Institute and started baking for family and friends. His elegant and delicious confections were no doubt, destined for greatness. Classic cheesecakes, cookies, cakes, and pies, all made from scratch, using the finest ingredients. In 2014, October 30th Sugarbuzz Dezert was born. Located, in College Park at 4339 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, FL. 32803 and at http://www.sugarbuzzdezertcompany.com. or getasugarbuzz.com.

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2016-02-21 08.21.36

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The Tap Room At Dubsdread, College Park


Dubsdread The Tap Room (2)

Dubsdread The Tap Room (1)

Dubsdread Country Club (2)

Dubsdread Country Club (4)

A College Park staple,  stop into the country club for lunch or dinner. Overlooking a beautiful view of the golf course, The Tap Room at Dubsdread Golf Course is where the College Park locals go to eat and drink.

Wedding celebrations, special events, banquets, and catering, they do it all! For more information visit their website at http://www.historicaldubdread.com. 

My daughter Melissa is here visiting and had never been to Dubsdread. I wanted her to join Steve and me for dinner on the patio of The Tap Room, so here’s a peek at our evening.

Dubsdread Country Club (13)

Dubsdread Country Club (12)

Dubsdread Country Club (15)







Dubsdread Country Club (9)

Dubsdread Country Club (11)

Dubsdread Country Club (10)

Here’s what we had for dinner. First the appetizer.  Jumbo Lump Crab Cheese Dip.

Dubsdread Country Club (16)

Parmesan Encrusted Grouper.

Dubsdread Country Club (19)

Blackened Salmon BLT.

Dubsdread Country Club (1)

Mediterranean Shrimp Pasta.

Dubsdread Country Club (20)

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Christo’s Cafe


Christo's Cafe

Christo's Cafe (6)

Christo's Cafe (1)

Christo's Cafe (5)

Christo's Cafe (4)

Christo's Cafe (2)

Christo's Cafe (3)

We are lucky enough in College Park to have our own Diner. Christo’s Café is my stop on Monday mornings for breakfast and to hang out with my neighbors. Everyone in the community knows everyone and that makes you feel right at home.

The food is hearty American comfort fare serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All the servers know you by name because to us, you’re family. My co-workers, I consider to be my extended family and it’s a joy to work here. For more information, google Christo’s Cafe.

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