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2016-01-15 14.27.24

My tulips are blooming but my Agapanthus are sleeping. I’d love for both of them to bloom at the same time. “It is what it is!”
The good news is that we are still laying more foundation for my outdoor entertainment area. I’ll be posting updates on that real soon.

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Outdoor Dining At Home

Outdoor dining at home. What better way to spend the day. Watch in the upcoming weeks how Steve and I are landscaping and building an outside kitchen for entertaining.

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My Sandbox Herb Garden



Having a herb garden is really rewarding. Unlike my hanging herb garden which is for my slightly more delicate herbs, this sandbox type garden is for the hardier herbs like Rosemary and Italian flat-leaf parsley. They seem to be able to stand up to the elements better.

Chives and tarragon I plant in the spring because they seem to thrive better. They are also a more seasonal herb and usually have to be replanted yearly.

The mint I keep sperate because it grows like crazy and will overtake the whole garden.

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