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My Tomato Caprese Burgers

on June 13, 2014


The most important tip I can give about making the perfect burgers, I learned from the master. The master being Bobby Flay. Don’t misunderstand me, he didn’t personally teach me, all though that would have been awesome. I just watched a show he did on grilling burgers. If there is anyone on this planet that can make and grill the perfect burger it’s him. The one tip that I can add is this. Put all your ingredients to a large bowl first. Whatever you like in your burgers. Then add the meat to the bowl and mix gently with a fork incorporating all the ingredients through the meat. This allows for the meat not to be over mixed or compacted with your hands. Using your hands score the meat in the bowl into sections so you’ll have equal parts. Patty them gently and press the center of the patty making a dimple. This will stop the burger from shrinking and they will cook evenly throughout. Crazy right? Believe me when I tell you this works every time. Whether you’re using and inside or outside grill make sure it’s nice and hot first. Brush each side of your seasoned burger with Canola oil and place them on the grill. Do not touch them no matter how bad you want to. You should only flip your burger once.


In this case I bought 2 pounds of lean ground beef and was able to get 6 patties out of the meat mixture. I say that these burger were about 2 inches thick so I cooked them on the first side for 5 minutes before flipping them and grilling the other side for another 3-4 minutes. After that I took them off and let them rest, covered with foil, for another 10 minutes. Do this any I promise you will have perfect burgers every time. Thanks Bobby Flay.

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