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Clove And Hoof

Clove And Hoof (13)

Clove And Hoof (12)

Just across the bay, in Oakland, you can find a lot of really cool places to hang out with the locals and grab a bite to eat. The Clove And Hoof conveniently just steps away from the BART station located at 4001 Broadway, Oakland, CA. 94611. is one of many.

Melissa sent me these pictures after her visit to the Clove And Hoof.

A hip butcher shop displaying daily meats in a modern setting with café seating for bistro dishes.

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Clove And Hoof (4)

Clove And Hoof’s Philly Cheese and Poppy Seed Cole Slaw.

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Clove And Hoof (5)

Clove And Hoof (4)

If you’re visiting the Bay area and want to check out some local eateries, across the bay, in Oakland, or just want more information on the Clove And Hoof, visit their website at

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San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art’s In Situ




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After being closed for almost three years, the museum unveiled its major expansion in May of 2016. The reason for this post is due to a news program I saw recently. Besides the art program, the museum has revamped its dining program. This is where it gets really cool!

Besides the main dining program, I’m going to talk about, there are two other dining options. San Francisco’s own Sightglass Coffee on the third floor, and Cafe 5 which serves light California-fusion fare, on the fifth.

A new restaurant from three Michelin-starred chef Corey Lee is open until 11 pm., even after the art gallery closes. The restaurant called, In Situ, features dishes from big names chefs like Rene Redzepi, Alice Waters, and Thomas Keller. These are recipes in which chef Lee has traveled to learn.

When I was watching this program, and seeing the finished dishes by chef Lee, I was amazed. The dishes are a collaboration of the world’s top chefs collection of global cuisine’s greatest hits. The food is treated as artistic property, and the restaurant is the gallery.

Chef Lee with his chef Brandon Rogers has worked with almost 100 chefs from around the world. Some sent recipes, some sent sketches, and some demonstrated their dishes in person.

“They chose a dish from their repertoire, or they came up with a dish that we will learn to make on their behalf at the museum.,” Lee says. To get more information about the SFMOMA you can visit their website at

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Cadillac Bar And Grill- San Francisco



Located at 44 9th Street. San Francisco, CA. 94103, The Cadillac Bar and Grill has been in San Francisco since the 40’s. A lively tavern, in the Twitter Building, for happy hour margaritas, and Mexican cuisine.

Melissa and Britt, her roommate, stopped in for a little girls time. They enjoyed some Guacamole, fresh salsa, chips, Mexican style shrimp cocktail, and a glass of wine. For more information visit

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