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Conquering The Crust

on September 4, 2014

2014-09-04 10.15.27

I thought I would share my pie crust recipe with you. I find when I’m talking to people about making pies, they all say they would rather buy the pie crust then to make it. Now, there are some perfectly good ready made pie crusts out there, but there is nothing better than making your own. Listen, it’s not hard at all and the great thing is you can do it in advance and you can freeze them too. After you’ve made your dough, you want to wrap it well in plastic wrap. Then I let it rest in the frig for 1/2 an hour before placing the dough into a resealable bag. Make sure you let all the air out for longer shelf life.  This recipe will yield 2 -10 inch pie crusts. I like to date anything so I know if I have more than one, that I rotate them. When your ready to use your dough, take it the night before and move it to the frig so it will be ready for you to use.

2014-09-04 09.57.58

3 cups of all purpose flour
1-1/2 sticks of diced cold unsalted butter
1/3 of a cup of diced vegetable shortening
3 tablespoons of granulated
1 teaspoon of Kosher salt.
4-6 tablespoons of ice water

2014-09-04 10.08.08

Into the food processor add the flour, salt and sugar and just pulse until all the ingredients are mixed through. Oh just a couple of times will do it.

2014-09-04 10.09.30

Next add in the diced shortening and butter. You want to pulse this until the flour looks like bits of pea size butter and shortening pieces are running all through the flour. Pulse about 8-10 times.

2014-09-04 10.10.02

After the flour looks like this, place the lid back on, and with the machine running slowly pour the ice water through the feed tube at the top, Your only going to add enough water just until the dough comes together. Sometimes it will take anywhere between 4-6 tablespoons of the ice water.

2014-09-04 10.10.57

Dump the dough out onto your floured board. Be careful to remove the blade first.

2014-09-04 10.13.572014-09-04 10.15.27

With your hands, form the dough into a ball, then flatten into a disk like above and that’s it. Now just wrap the dough in some plastic wrap and place it into the frig for at least 1/2 an hour.

2014-09-04 10.17.09

Once you’ve done this one time, you’ll see how easy making your own pie crust is, and better than that is, how good it tastes.

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