Oils & Vinegars

Having different oil and bottles of vinegar, on hand, can take a dish from just “Okay” to “over the top.” Today there’s such a variety of them to choose from. For example, the tall bottle in the back corner, that’s white in color, is coconut oil. I  recently started using coconut oil a lot more, in my cooking.

I’m also always looking to make new dressings for my salads all the time. Making your own dressing or vinaigrette is so much better because you control what goes into it.

I’ll be doing a video and writing a post on this subject. I think it just may help people who are a bit unsure about making their own dressing or vinaigrette help them realize, it’s not so hard.

My video on making your own vinaigrette can be found on YouTube. Visit my channel called Always Home-Cooked or just click the link below.