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Derby Day

on May 6, 2014


I was so excited to help a dear friend out with her annual Derby party. She wanted to keep it simple but elegant. With that in mind we knew that red roses, mint juleps, and hot browns, and the little cheddar biscuit cookies with the pecans in the center. and chocolate bourbon truffles were a must. I love it when I get the chance to meet new people and every catering I do I always am learning new tricks and ideas for furture ones. When it came to the decorations, red roses were the centerpieces and a special little touch, was putting a swag of roses tied off by a white ribbon out by the mail box to ensure that her guests would have no problem finding the house. There also was the seasonal Kentucky Derby Flag and a custom wreath with a silver goblet, minatuare horses, and red roses attached to it. here’s a peek at the day.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Instead of hearing what was playing on TV right before the race started, one of the guests stood up in the center of the room and played “My Old Kentucky Home” on the harmonica, it was awesome.Image


We did the Hot Browns in the style of appetizers.Image


For the entrees she offered mini honey baked ham sliders served with a choice of condiments for the ham. Shrimp cocktail, boneless chicken bites, and a large assortment of fresh vegetables served with a creamy dip. To accompany the food was silver platters and serving utensils, it gave you that elegant yet casual feel that we all love when being invited to a party.Image2014-05-03 16.43.43


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