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High Tea-Grand Floridian Resort Disney World

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (29)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (28)

My daughter never ceases to amaze me. I think I’ve mentioned that whenever she comes home for a visit she has a surprise for me, up her sleeve. Turns out that this food adventure was slightly different from all the others not only because it tugged on my heartstrings but because it was a way to pay homage to my mom. If you’ve been following my blog, thank you so much for that, then you know my mom (mum) was from England.

My mom loved her tea. Any idea where I’m going with this yet? Melissa made reservations for High Tea-Grand Floridian Resort, Disney World. OMG!, I couldn’t believe it the Garden View Tea Room.

An entire afternoon, in memory of my mom, Melissa’s Nanny Doris, having High Tea, and a day I’ll never forget. The beautiful view of the garden from the windows that lined the tea room was absolutely breathtaking. Here’s a peek into our day.

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (10)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (16)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (11)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (14)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (13)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (12)

Melissa and I had the Cheshire Tea option. We also each had our own pot of tea of our choosing, it was simply amazing. You really did feel like royalty.

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (15)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (24)

As you looked around there were guests that showed they were going all in for the full English experience. Throughout the tea room, all you would see were people dressed in a rainbow of pastel colors with their matching fancy hats that complimented their outfits so beautifully.

I don’t believe I’ve seen a bigger smile on Melissa’s face then when Cinderella and her Prince Charming entered the room. The little girl in her came shining through.

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (22)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (21)

Grand Floridian Resort- High Tea (27)

A special day for both of us and one we’ll never forget.


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SOCO Restaurant Thorton Park

Soco Restaurant (2)

On Melissa’s last day before heading back to Oakland, CA., we went out for dinner. This time it was my turn to choose the place. I decided on SOCO RestaurantThorton Park. 

SOCO (Southern Contemporary Cuisine) takes classic southern fare and kicks it up a few notches. The atmosphere is trendy, cozy, with a lot of natural light. Let me take you on a quick tour of our experience.



Our server Jordan and the hostess Tiffany were both very professional and courteous. They both helped to make our dining experience one we’ll remember. Thank you both so much!

As I passed by I noticed a small bio on the wall, one about the Chef Greg Richie and another about how old favorites have been reimagined.

Soco Restaurant (20)

Soco Restaurant (21)


Soco Restaurant (6)


For our appetizers, we had House Smoked Fish Dip Gratin.

Soco Restaurant (10)

Melissa had their Lake Meadow Naturals Deviled Eggs.

Soco Restaurant (11)

Soco-style Chicken and Dumplings.

Soco Restaurant (14)

Slow Roasted Barbecue-Glazed Pork Belly On Grilled Biscuits Topped With Chow-chow.


Soco Restaurant (17)

Grilled Meatloaf On Lobster Mash Potatoes.


Soco Restaurant (18).jpg

Diver Scallops With Roasted Baby Carrots And Brussel Sprouts.

Soco Restaurant (19)


A Trio Of Banana Puddings, Chocolate, Bourbon, and Peanutbutter With A Vanilla Wafer Waffle.

For more information on SOCO Thorton Park in Orlando visit their website at


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The Hangry Bison

The Hangry Bison (7)

It was an unbelievable surprise when my daughter showed up at my job on Tuesday. It turns out, my co-workers knew she was coming. When I saw her face come through those doors my heart just filled up!

One of our long-time family traditions was to go out to dinner and a movie once a week. We are keeping that tradition going.

We’d eaten dinner earlier in the evening but had some time to kill before seeing a movie called The Upside. We headed over to the Winter Park Village in Winter Park we noticed just across from the Regal Cinema this place, The Hangry Bison. We decided to pop in to have a cocktail while passing a little time until the start of the movie.

We walked up to the bar and there we were greeted by this sweet bartender named Eileen. Melissa and I were curious and started asking questions like how long had they been open and what were they best known for. She talked about their hand-built burgers, fine bourbon, and craft beers.

The Hangry Bison (16)

First, here’s a quick peek of The Hangry Bison.

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Here’s a look at their menu.

The Hangry Bison (11)

The Hangry Bison (10)

Besides chatting it up with Eileen, who made us feel as though we’d know her forever, are the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Churro Doughnuts. What?

Well, Melissa was glancing over the menu and noticed a dessert called Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Churro Doughnuts. Eileen told us they were out of this world, with that said, we definitely had to try them. Drizzled with dark chocolate, a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Caramel, and a light sprinkling of powdered sugar these Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Churro Doughnuts are a roller coaster for your taste buds. Just look!

The Hangry Bison (5)

The Hangry Bison (2)

The Hangry Bison (3)

For more information about The Hangry Bison, just visit their website at



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