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Copper Chef

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Copper Chef

I saw the advertisement for this pan and I fell in love. What really attracted me to it was the fact you needed to add no oil before cooking, WOW!  The other perks were the glass tempered lid, deep fryer attachment, and the steamer plate. Seriously, you can cook pretty much anything in this pan with its high sides and transfer to the oven due to the metal handle. Nothing sticks due to the pot’s construction.

I’m going to be testing out of a few of my recipes in the pan using no oil to see how it works. Watch for that to show up where I print the ingredients for my recipes. I will post the amount of oil you’ll need if using traditional sauté pans or saucepots.

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Agave Uptown

Photo May 16, 6 46 13 PM

Photo May 16, 6 46 48 PM

Photo May 16, 6 45 15 PM

Photo May 16, 6 44 55 PM

Photo May 16, 6 45 33 PM

Photo May 16, 6 45 07 PM

Located on 2135 Franklin St. Oakland, CA. 94612,website, Agave Uptown is an Upscale Oaxacan-Californian cuisine offered in a chic cozy space with culturally inspired accents.

Melissa stopped in for chips and salsa paired with a tasty margarita. She sent me these pictures so I could share them with you. If you’re in the Bay Area and want to check out where the locals frequent, for great Mexican fare, this is a must stop.

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