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Pharmacy Orlando


Life changing?, Yes!!!  Finally, I got the chance to visit the Pharmacy Orlando. My daughter came to visit and this was a “must stop” for us. Seeing this place on the Food Network on one of Emeril’s Florida television series. I watched Emeril interview an amazing chef/owner, named Loren Falsone, of the Pharmacy. She talked about using local and seasonal ingredients, that she bought daily, then turning them into spectacular Topas, and desserts. I watched as she served Emeril some sample dishes that she created as I was speechless.

Anyway, I recently had the privilege to see and experience first hand. I’m walking up to the entrance when I notice this women on her phone sitting the steps out front. I stopped dead in my tracks. Melissa’s like, mom, come on. I put my hand up signaling her to wait as I hoped this women would make eye contact with me. I knew who it was, and I wasn’t moving until I met her. Just like I thought, it was Chef Loren. She took the time to speak with me for a few minutes and then took a picture with me. That’s not all, after Melissa and I were seated, she visited our table and asked us if we would like to tour the kitc, hen. That was a real treat, for me. to be able to see the inner workings of how everything was done behind the scenes.

Our server came over and told us the Chef Loren was sending us out dessert. Could this night get any better?!!! After the desserts arrived and we tasted these delicious creations, Chef Loren came over once more to see how we were enjoying them. We were speechless. Again, “Life Changing”!!!

During my conversations with Chef Loren, I told her how passionate about cooking I was, and that I had my own food blog. She gave me her card and we exchanged emails. Stuff like this just doesn’t happen to me and now that it did, well, it’s a great feeling.

I hoping to attend cooking classes hosted by Chef Loren in the near future. That’s going to be so awesome!!

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Cadillac Bar And Grill- San Francisco


Located at 44 9th Street. San Francisco, CA. 94103, The Cadillac Bar and Grill has been in San Francisco since the 40’s. A lively tavern in the Twitter Building for margaritas, happy hour, tacos, and Mexican platters.

Melissa and, her roommate, Britt stopped in for a little girls time. They enjoyed some Guacamole, fresh salsa, chips, Mexican style shrimp cocktail, and a glass of wine.

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Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables






Looking for something to do one weekend?  Check out where you might find a farmers’ market, in your community.

It’s key, when cooking or baking, to use the freshest ingredients.  Whether it’s vegetables or fruit, you want to use what’s local and in season.

Going to your local farmers’ market and getting to know the individual vendors makes such a big difference. Seriously,  your shopping experience will be so much fun. Best of all, your dishes will taste AMAZING!!!

Seafood Pasta Salad With Avocado
Lump Crap Tacos With Fresno Chilis
Heirloom Tomato Salad
Pavlova With Fresh Berries

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Tawla- Mission District, San Francisco


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Melissa, and her close friend Britt, went to Tawla  to celebrate her birthday.  In her text to me, she said, ” this is the best meal and dining experience I’ve had in a long time.”. She shared these pictures with me and I wanted to share them with you.

Tawla is a refined bistro serving eastern Mediterranean dishes and cocktails. Located at 206 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94103 and at Click menu and then click on the link below for the entire menu.



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