Flowers, Your Table’s Centerpiece

I don’t know how it happened but, since my passion for cooking has grown, so has my love for centerpieces. Whether I’m using a type of food, for example; lemons, limes, or flowers, they need to be simple. Nothing, over the top, or crazy. Fowers, Your Table’s Centerpiece is the answer.

As the weather has begun to get cooler, and the Fall season nears, the flowers are amazing. I think just having a simple arrangement, of flowers in the house, can brighten your day.

I learned that when making an arrangement, it’s important, no matter the type of flowers, to keep the same color palate. Like this one, I have bright yellow sunflowers, making them the star of this arrangement. Then I just built it up from there. I used yellow “mums” and small yellow daisies as the fillers.

I learned since flowers can be pricey, I definitely want them to last as long as possible.
When I bring the flowers home, I remove them from their plastic packaging and separate each of them on a table. Next, I stand them up next to different size vases to see which one is going to work the best. Once I’ve figured that out, then, I take a pair of scissors and cut them, to the length I want for the vase I plan on using.  Next, I take a small paring knife and cut the very bottom, on the bias so the flowers can drink up as much water as possible.

As far as the water goes, there are so many ideas on how to ensure your flowers stay and look fresh. One of the things that I’ve found that works are to keep the water from turning cloudy. Keep it as clean and as clear as you can. Remove the water, at the least, every other day and replace it with fresh water.