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International Food Club, Orlando, Florida

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Having lived in the Orlando area for many years, I wouldn’t have believed I didn’t know about this little gem. Maybe because it sits inside a small industrial area, or maybe it’s because I haven’t seen any advertisement. The way I found it was through word of mouth. I thought it only fair that I pass it on to my readers, and if you live here well, that’s better yet. This store carries items that you just can’t get at your regular grocery store.  Let me give you a peek at the inside.

The reason for all these pictures is because I wanted to give you an idea of the vast variety of international items they carry.

I found a jar of preserved lemons, authentic English clotted cream, and finally a jar of grape leaves. These are just a few items that I left with last Friday.

I was so excited to test out a recipe on Stuffed Grape Leaves accompanied by Egg-Lemon Sauce. Next, will be a Moroccan dish, Chicken Tagine, with my preserved lemons. The clotted cream to accompany some homemade English scones.

Stuffed Grape Leaves With An Egg-Lemon Sauce.jpg

My Stuffed Grape Leaves with the Egg-Lemon Sauce and the Chicken Tagine were both delicious.  To get my recipes for these dishes just click the on the links below.


Stuffed Grape Leaves Served With An Egg and Lemon Sauce


Chicken Tagine

For more information on the International Food Club go to If you live in the Orlando area, they are located at 4300 LB  McLeod Road, Suite A Orlando, FL, 32811.

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