Cape Canaveral-Restaurants On The Water

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Steve and I headed over to the beach with to visit my best friend, Helen, on Easter Sunday. She lives in the Cocoa Beach area, close to Cape Canaveral. Helen met up with us at “The Cape” for lunch. I couldn’t believe how many new places there were to eat. There’s even a place where you can take your fish and they will smoke it for you, on-site. Visit

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Besides the great atmosphere, and the delicious cocktails, the food was amazing. Fresh Tuna Poke for the appetizer and the wonderful Lump Crab Cakes, for the entrée. They also offered Blackened Mahi and a Tempora Battered Grouper. You can sit inside, listen to live music, or outside where you’ll find another bar, unbelievable view, and another eating area.

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So I took a few pictures of our food all of which are served in Bamboo steamers to keep the food nice and hot. It’s such a large place that by the time the sever carries your food to you, it has a real good chance of cooling down. This idea for the Bamboo steamer is genius.

How about the view.

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So if your looking for something a little different to do, and you’re in the Orlando area, take a ride out to The Cape for some great food and a view to die for. Visit