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It’s Coming Up On Spring Time

on March 17, 2015


Well, I’ve been working outside these past couple of days, that’s why my posting of recipes has fallen behind. Not to worry though, I’ll have them up by Thursday. I have to tell you, it’s hard work keeping up on the yard. There’s a lot that goes into caring for plants, herbs, and trees that bear fruit. My hydrangeas and lavender I’ve had to move to the front porch where they only get the morning sun light. Full Florida sun it a bit too much for those beauties. I’ve learned that through trial and error. Those aren’t do to bloom until April.  Steve and I, are still working on the foundation for our outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. Leveling the ground then laying the stones, I can’t wait for that to be finished so we and start on the fun stuff, like having get togethers with family and friends.


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