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Coeur a la Creme

on December 25, 2014

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This #dessert recipe I say made a very long time ago from a food network celebrity. A French style cheesecake is what call it, looked so amazing that I had to recreate it at home. You would think that it would be so hard to make but really it’s so much easier that a tradition cheesecake. The blueberry sauce that drizzles all down the sides just dresses that silky vanilla cream beautifully. Oh and if your not a sweets person, this dessert can be transformed into a savory version too. That one’s for another time.Now traditionally, this dessert is made in a heart shape mold, I think that’s what coeur means. The mold has holes in the bottom to release the liquid out while it sets. I’ll get to that later, but let me tell you how I did this.

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To start I add the softened cream cheese in to the mixer with the paddle attachment. I let that go for a couple of minutes on low speed, as you can see in the second picture. After that, I add in the confectioner sugar. Then I cream that together until all the sugar is incorporated. A good tip is to have the mixer on slow when you add in the sugar, otherwise the sugar will spray all over the place. Next it’s time to add in the flavorings. This is when I change to the whisk attachment. I add in the lemon zest, vanilla bean,( the picture with the empty vanilla bean pod that I used, I put into my a small sugar jar. This is for my vanilla sugar) pure vanilla extract, and the heavy cream. Start out the mixer on low and then turn up to high speed and let all the ingredients whisk together until it has the consistency of whipped cream, like you see in the last picture.

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Now as you can see I have a strainer here. That’s what I’m using since I don’t have the traditional mold. But wait, you’ll like the way this turns out. So I take the whipped flavored cream from the mixer bowl and place it into a cheesecloth lined strainer, like you see that I’ve done here in these pictures. Make sure you have enough cheesecloth ( you can get cheesecloth at you local grocery store), that you’ll be able to fold it over the top of the cream mixture. Place the covered cream mixture and set it on top of a bowl. This is to let the extra liquid from the mixture will be able to drain out over night. Set this in the frig to 24 hours.

2014-12-24 10.33.21

After 24 hours, you can see that any liquid from the cream mixture has fallen into the bottom bowl. Discard the liquid.

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For the blueberry sauce, I toss in the blueberries,(reserving a handful of fresh blueberries for the garnish of this dessert) water, sugar.and fresh lemon juice into a small sauce pot. On med heat, watching it carefully, I stir all this so it comes to a bubble. Then I turn it down to a simmer and let it cook for about 5-7 minutes, or until the blueberries have started to burst and the juice has thicken slightly. I remove some of the blueberries from the pot and place those into a small bowl. I tell you why in a minute. The rest go into a food processor that I blend all together for the sauce. I place the blueberry sauce into a container with a lid and refrigerate over night along with the blueberries that I pulled out from the pot. So now I have the blueberry sauce, the semi- cooked blueberries, and the reserved fresh blueberries. This will give a lot of texture to the topping of this amazing creamy dessert. The next day, when your ready to unwrap this dessert, just unfold the cheesecloth from the top gently. Place a plate over the top and invert the whole thing over onto the plate that you’re going to be serving the dessert on. Peel off the rest of the cheesecloth. You will have a silky looking dome shaped dessert, with little specks of vanilla bean resting like a pillow on your serving plate. Next take your blueberry sauce from the frig, and with a large spoon just drizzle over the top where it just fall down the sides of the domed dessert. Then with the blueberries that were pulled out of the pot, spoon those over the top of the sauce. Now take the fresh reserved blueberries and spread those all around the outside rim of the dessert. I like to garnish with some fresh mint leaves. This is what you’ll have. If you shouldn’t like blueberries, you could do this with raspberries, or any type of fruit you like.


Prep time: full time to set is 24 hours
Prep for dessert with sauce: 30 minutes

12 ounces of softened cream cheese
2-1/2 cup of heavy cream
1-1/2 cups of confectioner suger
zest of 1 lemon
1 vanilla bean
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
1 large piece of cheesecloth

Ingredients for blueberry sauce:
1 pint of fresh blueberries
1/2 cup of granulated sugar
the juice of 1/2 a lemon
1/2 a cup of blueberry jam
1 sprig of fresh mint

Make everything for this dessert 24 hours in advance. Follow all the steps above. You’ll need a mixer with a paddle attachment, and a whisk attachment. One, fine mesh strainer, a bowl that fits underneath the strainer. One large piece of cheese cloth to cover bottom and enough to cover the top of the dessert while it sets.


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