The Grand Opening On 12/13/2014 Of Jillycakes Orlando-Cupcakes

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When you think of cupcakes, what could be a better visual than this entrance? Step into a whimsical world of sweet treats. The atmosphere at Jillycakes will take you back to your childhood. The memories of all things sweet and colorful. Jillian’s cakes are nothing less awesome works of art, masterpieces.

Jillycakes is a gourmet cupcake and specialty cake bakery serving the greater Orlando area of Central Florida. Food Network’s Cupcake Wars Winner!

I met Jillian a couple of years ago while I was catering a party for a friend. She walked in with this cake, that was simply just amazing. The theme for the birthday party was turning 50. Let me just show you what I’m talking about.


Anyway, her first store opened on 12/13/2014, how cute is that for an opening date, in Winter Park. The shopping center’s backdrop is a lake. It’s beautiful landscaping and water fountains enhance every square foot of this mini-mall. Let me give you a peek into Jillycakes. For more information visit their website at

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