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Homemade Chocolate Bark Lolly Pops

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Well it’s been a little over a year since I started blogging about food and such. When I started I didn’t know a whole lot about the world of blogging or how my site worked exactly.  I’ve been a work in progress. I went to some of my archives, and wow, they were not very good. I don’t mean the recipes, just how I posted them. This recipe is just one that I posted a pic of but never shared the recipe. Also another thing that I do differently is, I post the ingredients under each step. I’ve been thinking that though, At first, I really thought that this may be an easier way to follow a recipe. In one respect it my be, but then I thought maybe not my readers. So from now on I’ll be explaining each step as I go, but the ingredients and description will be at the end of each post. The tree you see in the first picture, is something I’ve had for many years. It’s great for displaying treats, like I’ve done here.


1 block each of white and chocolate ( its called almond chocolate blocks, works for melting in the microwave)

a variety of toppings, (how much depends on how many pops your going to make.) Here I’m using about 1/4 cup of each for 24 lolly pops, 12 of each. (Any leftover chocolate I use to make shards of bark with and set out in a candy dish for any guests who may drop by.)

peppermint candies
dried apricots
dried cranberries
chopped pistachios
mini chocolate candies
butterscotch, white, and chocolate morsels
candied pineapple
unsweetened coconut flakes
2 tablespoons of ground Chipotle spice ( more if you like it spicier)
1-24 ct package of lolly pop sticks ( with the wrapper and ribbons included)


I’ve chopped all the chocolate and placed them into large bowls with smaller ones next to them. Chopping the chocolate ensures for even melting, and will prevent the chocolate from burning. I even under cook it a little because the heat will melt the rest of the chocolate as you stir it.The larger bowls are for melting and making into the actual pops. The smaller bowls are also for melting and then drizzling over the opposite flavor of chocolate in the end. Follow the instructions on the package of chocolates for melting in the microwave. To the white chocolate I added the Chipotle powder for a little heat. I love to see the specks of ground Chipotle running through the  white chocolate. Iv’e lined baking sheets with parchment paper to make for easy removal later. After the chocolate is melted I take a tablespoon as a way to keep them all the same size. I spoon out 1 tablespoon onto the parchment paper, spreading the chocolate out into a circular pattern. I then lay the lolly pop stick down into the chocolate. The melted chocolate will cover the stick as it’s placed into the chocolate. Quickly before the chocolate hardens, you want to add whatever topping you choose to each one. I like to mix and match different toppings.  After they have hardened, I like to take some of the opposite flavor of chocolate, on a few of them and drizzle that over the chocolate lolly pops. Usually the lolly pop sticks will come with clear plastic wrappers and ribbons. Then all I did was to place them into my wooden tree for a centerpiece on my buffet table.

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