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My Sweet And Smokey Ribs With Caramelized Onions

2014-10-13 15.56.27

Coming from a long background of working in the barbecue industry, over 25 years, gave me a chance to learn a thing or two about the art of smoking meat. I was so excited about sharing my technique on smoking ribs using your oven, when, the one thing that could go wrong, did go wrong. Let me explain. I’d been using my computer for quite a few years, and to be honest it pretty much was outdated. You know when you get comfortable with something, you just don’t want to change, or at least I don’t. Well, early on this year my daughter called me and told me, adamantly, that I needed to start backing all my stuff up onto Dropbox, and she explained the importance in doing this. So now I had this system, where, after I posted a recipe, I would go back and take those photos and upload the to my Dropbox. This past July, for my birthday, a new computer  was sitting there by my front door. You can’t even imagine the amount of joy I felt. Melissa had bought me a new computer. This is why she was having me back everything up. Anyway, I told Melissa, before I start using the new computer, that I was taking the old one to have it cleaned out and transfer a few things over to the new one. I planned on giving mine to a family in need of a computer. I’m in the middle of blogging about the proper way to prep the St. Louis ribs, trimming them, removing the skin on the back, my computer just dies. Can you believe it! I tried everything, nothing worked. So my latest pictures on this subject are stuck in my old computer, and util I get a chance to take it to those smart people whose job it is to help with these type of situations, this recipe has to wait just a little longer. Not to worry, Melissa will be here tomorrow and I’m so excited. EPCOT food and wine festival is this weekend so I’ll have lots to share in the mean time. So for now I’ll say good night.

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