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Southern Moon Smokehouse & Brewery

on September 11, 2014


Growing up working in Orlando, I spent most of my early years in the barbecue industry. I was with Sonny’s BBQ and O’Boys BBQ for a total of over 30 years. On an earlier post I talked about 4 Rivers which has a huge following in these parts, and well deserved. Now comes the new kid on the block. Chef Bryce Baluff and his staff opened Southern Moon in June in Orlando’s Conway community seems to be building a customer base fast. Low and slow well crafted barbecue is what’s happening here. The brewery is opened yet but there is a bar adjacent. Beverage menus includes house-made sodas and flavor- infused spirits. One of the unique items that’s caught my attention are the pork skin nachos. A platter full of cracklings layered with a cheese sauce, brisket chili, sour cream, fresh cilantro and jalapenos.  Southern Moon also offers 5 different sauces: Texas, and ancho chili based, and Alabama type mayonnaise based sauce, a Carolina hot and vinegar based and a gold mustard based, and the Kansas City, my favorite, a sweet tomato-based sauce.  Well I’m thinking Steve and I have a date night coming up and this place is on the top of my list. I’ll let him pick the movie. Here’s a peek into Southern Moon Smokehouse.






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