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Spices, Are How I’m Able To Travel

on August 26, 2014

Spices are probably the most important accessory I have in my kitchen. It helps me to be able to travel through food. In this first picture, that I call, my “wall of spice” are my staples, like oregano, thyme, basil, sage, garlic powder, rosemary, dried parsley, and fine salt. The second picture is my window into spices. This has more of my spices for making chilies, and a lot of my dry rubs. The third picture has to be my favorite it is a full length hutch with spices from around the world. Whole and ground depending on what I need. At the bottom of the hutch are all my baking type of spices, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, etc… Now in the fourth picture is more for my daughter who loves Indian food. Did you know that most of India are vegetarian based culture.  Melissa doesn’t eat any meat, so having this spice kit helps out a whole lot when she comes to visit me. I have to say, that if you enjoy cooking as much as I do, spices are essential in helping you make recipes that you would normally not be able to.  Being able to sample dishes from different cultures from around the world is really awesome.


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