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The Next New Big Dessert Trend

on July 28, 2014

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I saw this article in the “Orlando Weekly” magazine and it sparked my interest. I thought I would share a small piece of what I read with my fellow foodies.

It’s not Italian ice, it’s not a Hawaiian shaved ice and it’s definitely not a snow-cone. Shaved snow is made from giant blocks of flavored frozen milky ice, heaved onto a rotating spit and shaved into gossamer-thin layers. The end product looks almost like frozen cotton candy. The soft ribbons are both creamy and icy, with a lightness that is ideal in steamy weather. Covered with all sorts of sweet toppings, it makes for a summer treat that will cool you down without weighing you down.

Bigger cities have been touting shaved snow as the next dessert trend. They’re comparing it to being on the same level as frozen yogurt or cupcakes.  In the last few years, purveyors like Snow and Tell and Flurries popping up all over Orlando, this dessert originated in our Asian-American community. Here is a location that will shave you some of this icy treat.

Bubbles & Ice
813 N. Mills Ave., 407-895-8833,
Shaved snow fits right into their mostly-chilly dessert list, and this is the only spot we know of those flavors and freezes their own ice blocks.


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