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Homemade Meatloaf

on July 14, 2014

2014-07-13 19.18.45

Whenever I mention “tastethelove”  it’s just my way of letting you know that I put my whole heart into the dish that I’m preparing. I love to watch as someone takes that first bite of something I cooked, and I just know when they get that smile on their face and their head nods up and down. When I see that happen, I get warm fuzzies inside. I guessing if you follow my blog, that you’re asking yourself, asparagus again! Yep!, we love some asparagus. Anyway, this dish is out of this world. Steve loves meatloaf, but I think he loves his lumpy mash potatoes just as much. I made these potatoes for him a few years ago, and I’m still making them today. I’ll put the potato recipe up soon. Getting back to the star of this show, the meatloaf. This recipe has the best qualities of my mother’s meatloaf, and those of my grandmothers’. I of course, added some of my own special touches. Now what is even better than meatloaf?, meatloaf sandwiches the next day.

2014-07-14 17.21.00

2014-07-14 17.22.13

Meatloaf with melted Fontina and heirloom tomatoes on great Italian bread.


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