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4Rivers And The Coop

on April 28, 2014


Most of you know that barbecue aficionados will tell you that barbecue differs from region to region. Depending on where you live, then that’s the style of barbecue you will swear by.

That’s what makes this one so unique. 4Rivers is a Texas-style smokehouse here in Orlando that opened its doors in 2009 in Winter Park, Florida. The loyalty to this barbecue is what you would expect from fans of a rock band. These barbecue lovers all have, I love 4Rivers, the bumper sticker on their cars. I’m not talking about a few people, I mean hundreds of them. They put this sticker, on their cars,  not so much as an advertisement, more like a statement. It’s what I’ve named a “food cult”.  It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s professing love for something in the way of barbecue and you want everyone to know you love it.

Now John Rivers has a number of 4Rivers locations. I mean, this is going to be big I can feel it.

If you think he couldn’t top this he’s just opened The Coop a southern affair, also in Winter Park. Everything you love about old southern food and with him behind this well…     I just don’t have any words. yes I do, “it’s a roller coaster for your taste buds”.

The Coop

For more information on either of these places visit their websites at or


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