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Wash, Dry, And Fold

on April 21, 2014

I need for you to hear me out on this great tip. This one blew me away when I saw it but we have to go back in time a bit. When I was growing up we weren’t lucky enough to have a washer and dryer in our apartment, but there was a laundry mat  within walking distance from where we lived. Every Sunday was laundry day. At the laundry mat there was a girl that worked there and I remember the sign above her head in big letters that read wash, dry, and fold. People would drop their dirty clothes off and for a fee, she would do just what the sign said, for you. Anyway, when I say this is great idea, my memory of doing laundry with my sister and mother came flooding to me. So you know how they have those salad spinners that dry off all your lettuce leaves when your making a salad, well they are terrific, but what about when your planning on making a large amount of greens but your not ready to cook them off right away. For example, collards, mustard, or even kale. After you have “washed” your greens by letting them sit in a sink full of water so all the dirt will fall to the bottom.  Then next, removing each of their stems. Now you need to stack them up and “fold” them up like cigars so you can start to chop them up into manageable pieces. Finally, since your not ready to cook them quite yet, but you want them to be ready for when you are, they need to be “dry” so you can store them. I mean you do plan on cooking the greens maybe within the next day or two.That salad spinner would take too long to dry of the water off all of  these leaves it would take forever.  Now wait for it…place all of your chopped greens in one of those pillow case covers, you know the ones with the zipper that protect your pillows from getting dirty. I keep on just for this purpose. Place all of your chopped greens into the pillow case cover, zip it up, walk over to your washing machine, put the pillow case into the machine and turn the dial to to spin cycle. What! That’s right, its a giant salad spinner and it won’t hurt your machine at all. It totally spins all the excess water off the greens, and now you can put the pillow case into the frig until your ready to cook them. I’ts kind of like what we do when we wrap our herbs in a damp paper towel and then place them into a zip log bag, just bigger. They will keep in the frig for up to two days if needed. Hope you like this tip, I know I do.Image


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