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E & O Asian Kitchen, San Francisco

on April 19, 2014

Image A A late night dinner is what my daughter Melissa, and some of her friends were set on doing as they embarked into the city last night. The stop they made was to E & O. They had stumbled upon this by chance, and I believe, in San Francisco this happens quite often. That’s what is so exciting and mysterious about this city. Everything you would expect to see on the outside of a restaurant, well that’s not the case here, it was subtle, no visual sign letting you know where you were. Anyway here are a few pictures that she sent to me about their experience. The first dish was the tuna tartar with shallots, scallions, ginger, and sea weed served with black sesame crackers. Image

The second dish was their delicious mushroom dumplings and I have to say they look wonderful.Image

Now a peak of the atmosphere of this beautiful restaurant.ImageImageImage

For more information on E & O, and if you plan on or are in the San Francisco area please visit their web site for their location and hour of operation.


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