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A Gelato Birthday Cake Milk Shake

on April 8, 2014

Who doesn’t love a great milk shake, and I don’t mean the healthy smoothie version. I just mean a your every day milk shake, but with a twist. I was watching “The Chew” last week and they came up with a birthday cake shake. Crazy right?  So don’t you know I got my blender out, grabbed one pint of my favorite vanilla bean gelato out of the freezer, 1/2 a cup of milk or so, and a 1/4 cup of my favorite box cake mix, “French Vanilla”. I do love me some vanilla. So I put everything in the blender starting with the gelato, then the cake mix and finally the milk. I like a  really thick shake to there is room for adjustments on the milk. Turned the blender on a gave it a whirl. Poured that bad boy in a tall glass, added some colored sprinkles and a straw. The little girl in me came right out.Image

I have to say that you can get crazy with this idea. Top the shake with whipped cream, or even pipe on your favorite cake frosting then add the sprinkles.Yum!… All good things in moderation.


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