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K Restaurant

on April 3, 2014

K Restaurant .JPG

I feel very lucky to reside in the College Park area here in Orlando. We have a great community and a wide array of restaurants. On the top of my list is K Restaurant, which is owned by Chef Kevin Fonzo who his filming, at the moment, with Chef Emeril, for “Emeril’s Florida”. How cool is that? Visit for directions, menu and hours of operation. In the meantime, here’s a peek.

It’s so awesome, two great chefs are right around the corner from where I live. Anyway if you’re looking to have a “date night” this is the place to go. Chef Kevin Fonzo, on top of all his other accomplishments, is a James Beard Award Nominee. I’m hoping to have the privilege of meeting him real soon.

Sometimes as in life, restaurants, even the ones that have been known to be a staple in the community, move on to become something else. Here in College Park, we are saying good-bye to one of our own.


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