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Grilled Sweet Corn With A Chili Lime Butter And Queso Fresco


First I take a stick of room temperature unsalted butter, the zest of 2 limes, and 1 tablespoon of chili powder and 1 teaspoon of Kosher salt, and 1 squeeze of fresh lime juice. I mix all that together and spoon it all out onto a piece of plastic wrap. I roll it up tight and twist the ends in opposite directions so it seal the compound butter tightly inside, then I refrigerate the butter until it hardens. I then turn on my grill pan and make sure it’s hot and ready for the corn which I removed the silk from by pulling the husks back enough to make them easy to grill.Image

I just think leaving the husks on gives the corn a rustic appearance. To the corn, I brush a light coating of Canola oil and set them on the grill, turning them every minute or so. You want to check them to see how their doing and that you’re getting those nice grill marks.Image

When I take the corn off and they have the grill marks on all sides, I take my compound butter that has the red and green specks running all through it out of the plastic wrap, and rub it all over the corn. It melts beautifully as it hits the hot grilled corn. Yummy!Image

Now I make it snow Queso Fresco all over the top. Served simply with a few lime wedges.Image

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Foodie Groupies

ImageThat’s what I call the people in Orlando that are loyal to one, and only one, particular style of barbecue. Most of you know that barbecue afficionados will tell you that barbecue differs from region to region. Depending on where you live, is the style of barbecue you will swear by. That’s what makes this one so unique. 4Rivers is a Texas style smokehouse here in Orlando that opened it’s doors in 2009 in Winter Park, Florida, and like what you would expect from fans of a rock band, these barbecue lovers all have their I love 4Rivers bumber sticker on their cars. I’m not talking about a few I mean hundreds of them. They put this sticker not so much as an advertisement but more like a statement their making, a “food cult” if you will.  It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s professing a love for something in the way of barbecue and you want everyone to know you love it. Now John Rivers has a number of 4Rivers locations and is still growing. I mean this is going to be big I can feel it.  If you think he couldn’t top this he’s just opened The Coop a southern affair, also in Winter Park. Everything you love about old southern food and with him behind this well…     I just don’t have any words. yes I do, “it’s a roller coaster for you taste buds”.ImageImage

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My Ancho Chili Style Carnitas. Ole’

ImageImageImageI put a twist on the traditional Carnitas by adding Ancho chilies to the mix. It gives the Carnitas a real smokey flavor that I just love. Along side we had Mexican style corn with a chili lime butter and Queso fresco.  I served the Carnitas two ways, I know, ridiculous right? My recipe for this dish will be coming soon.

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Winding Down At The Basement

ImageWorking in the hospitality industry, I enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine with good friends after work. A comfortable stop, where you can unwind from the day. I have found just that place, and it’s called “The Basement”, which is nestled right underneath “The Attic”. The service and atmosphere here, cannot be compared to anywhere I’ve been in a very long time. You could say it’s my Cheers. The offer great food called Chi Phi. It’s unique and delicious. The bar has large TVs showing sporting news and a collection of games like corn hole. The bartenders, Chad and Ryan make you feel as though you are part of their family from the very first time they meet you. The Basement is located on E. Pine Street in downtown Orlando. Here’s a peak inside and out.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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