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As usual I found the best deal I could for the ground meat I was going to use. Not to my surprise it was the ground pork. When it  comes to tacos in my house the meat seems to run out before the toppings. So I decided the buy 3 pounds of the pork. Seriously, it was like buying 1 pound of the ground sirloin. Image

As good as it looks I now had to make it taste even better, so of course I started like any great taco maker would, with 2 tablespoons the onions and garlic.   Image

When I make any dish with a Mexican theme all the spices have to come out and play. I call this my 2 tablespoon of each count down. There is three pounds of meat here, and everybody needs to join the party. Chili powder, Mexican oregano, garlic powder, smokey paprika, cumin, tomato paste and Kosher salt, Now for the black pepper, I add a teaspoon, but the cayenne I just use a small pinch because I l like spicy but Steve, not so much.Image

Let the browning begin. I cook all this together until the meat is well browned and the spices have been combined throughout before I add the beef stock, you know to give it a beefy flavor. I let this all simmer for around 45 minutes or until most of the liquid has reduced.Image

At this point I taste for seasoning, depending on your taste, maybe a little more salt and some finely chopped cilantro. My toppings for this dish I just made some cilantro lime rice, some black beans with some finely minced red onions, and my fresh grape tomato salsa. Last, but not least, shredded  Colby-Jack cheese.ImageImageImageImage

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