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Melissa’s Cooking At Home

on March 3, 2014

Melissa has followed the diet of a Pescartarian for quite a few years now. Basically she doesn’t eat meat, but does eat dairy and eggs. So when she cooks she has to plan out the menu, because her loved ones will eat meat. So she has become quite the cook. It amazes me how good of a cook she is. I hope that I had something to do with that. Just kidding! She’s also not afraid to take help from the store. She has her favorite jarred sauces and uses them in her dishes. She has figured out that one type of sauce does not do the trick. She has mastered a combination of two brands and three different styles of sauces that give her the flavor she looking for. This is her baked Manicotti. Now one is just cheese filled and the other has ground turkey in them. She sent me a few pics to look at, and boy does it look delicious.ImageImageImageImage


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