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Linda And Steve

on December 11, 2013

Well I guess I should get somewhat personal about my life. When I met Steve, I never imagined that I would ever meet my soul mate. But you know what they say “never say never”. We do everything together now that both of our girls are grown and on their own. I guess this is what people have always said about the next chapter in your life. He supports me in this venture of mine to blog about food. He calls it my hobby. I’m not sure if hobby is how I would describe it. He’s can also be my harshest critic. He will let me know how he feels good or bad about a dish and I suppose that’s good. After all I do use him as a guinea pig to test out my recipes on, and he’s a willing sport. Anyway my neighbor is a photographer and took some pictures of us at the lake downtown a while back so I thought I would share them.ImageImage


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