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My Roasted Garlic Soup With A Mushroom and Gruyere Crostini



If You love garlic you will adore this soup. Check out my recipe, Roasted Garlic Soup With A Mushroom And Gruyere Crostini by clicking the link below.


Roasted Garlic Soup With Mushroom and Gruyere Crostini

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Chili Lime Chicken In Puff Pastry

First I’d like to start by saying that you could add anything you wanted to this dish, but I thought I would mirror the flavors that were in the rub throughout the dish. I decided on a variety of peppers, tomatoes, black beans, pineapple, and white shoe peg corn.  In a way, it’s a take on a chicken chili but in a pie shell. I did everything in a cast iron skillet pan before putting it all in a puff pastry shell.  I was able to purchase some boneless skinless chicken breasts at a buy one get one free ImageImageImageImageImagedeal, which allowed me to make 2 pies. I patted the chicken dry with paper towels and then put the chili lime rub on both sides.  Heated up the cast iron pan to a high temperature before adding 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter and 1 tablespoon of olive oil so the butter would not burn. After the butter and oil were ready I put the chicken breasts in in two batches so not to overcrowd the pan. I cooked them long enough to get a nice color and caramelization on both sides, I then took them out and set them aside while I chopped all my other ingredients for this dish.


3 cloves of garlic chopped

1 large sweet onion chopped

1 red, yellow,orange, and Poblano pepper seeded and chopped

1 Fresno pepper seeded and chopped

1 15 ounce can of diced tomatoes with jalapenos drained

1 15 ounce can of black beans drained and rinsed

1 package of white shoe peg corn

1 small can of pineapple chunks save the juice

1 tablespoon of corn starch

Kosher salt and fresh black pepper ( I season as I go)


First, the pan that I cooked the chicken in is the same one I use for these ingredients.  There is a lot of flavor stuck to the bottom of the pan from the chicken and the rub and this will flavor all the veggies.  I add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to the pan and bring it up to temperature adding the onions first.  Saute them until they are soft adding some salt and pepper.  Then throw in all the peppers. Stir all this together and you will see how they all pick up the bits from the bottom of the pan. Then I add the garlic last so it doesn’t burn.  I add a little more salt and pepper, seasoning each layer I go.  At this point I add the tomatoes and corn. Stirring again. Turn the pan down to med low, cut the chicken up into bite size chunks and add that in. Now I add a cup of chicken broth and the pineapple juice to the pan. I stir all this together and let simmer for around 45 minutes until the chicken is cooked through.  To thicken the liquid in the pan, in a bowl, I take 1 big tablespoon of corn starch and 2 tablespoons of cold water and whisk that together, then I add that to the pan while continuing to let the dish simmer. Finally I gently stir in the the black beans so they don’t all break up and get mushy.  Let simmer for another 10 minutes or so until the liquid has thickened. Turn off the heat and let cool before putting it into the puff pastry pie shells.

Puff pastry is the greatest thing since sliced bread I always have it in the freezer.  Now for this you want to let it thaw according to the directions on the package.  You want to be able to roll it out but it still be cold.  I get to glass pie pans and since there are two sheets in each box, the first box I use for the bottom of both my pies.  After I roll them out so they fit I pu the pie pans back in the frig so the dough doesn’t get warm while I roll out the two tops.  At this point i fill the pies up with the chicken filling making them fairly high ( I like that look when it’s covered).I  Then I carefully put the tops on tucking in all the edges, it doesn’t have to look perfect, you want it to look homemade. Score the top(draw lines with a small knife but not all the way through)  in a criss-cross pattern and brush with an egg wash. Bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes or until top is golden brown.  You may have to rotate the pie pans half way through, so they brown evenly. Let pies rest for about 20 minutes so the filling sets and doesn’t run out from under the crust when you cut it. I added a little shredded cheese and finely chopped fresh cilantro to the top of the pie crust for garnish.

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