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Steak Sandwich For Two

on October 15, 2013


My favorite cut is the New York Strip Steak so that’s the one I use for this sandwich.

I use my indoor grill pan, and all I do is season it with salt and pepper. I like my steak med rare, so once it’s cooked I let it rest under some foil for about 10 minutes while I get the ingredients ready for this huge sandwich.  I’ve already sauteed some Cremini mushrooms and onions.  I also use the roasted red peppers from the jar. I put half a cup of mayo and some sun-dried tomatoes in a food processor with some salt and pepper ( I use the ones that are packed in olive oil). Slice your steak on the bias and you are ready to build this bad boy.  Spread the sun-dried tomato mayo on both sides of the bread, then on the bottom half put on your favorite greens. I like arugula for this because it has a peppery bite, then layer the steak on. Top the steak with the mushrooms, onion, and roasted red peppers.  If you wanted cheese on this I would take the sliced steak and put it on a sheet pan, lay on some of your favorite cheese, provolone melts really good, and put it under the broiler for just a minute and then place your steak and cheese on the sandwich.


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