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Tommy’s Joynt

on October 8, 2013



When visiting San Francisco, I always made a point to visit the places I saw on the Food Network called, Unique Eats. I’d never been to San Francisco and Melissa hadn’t lived there very long, so I put together a “food crawl”. I thought that we would stop at each of the places I saw advertised. First stop, Tommy’s Joynt a neighborhood institution where the locals hang out.

This was a different type of barbecue place, unlike anything any I’d ever seen before. Tommy’s Joynt is two stories, with eclectic decor, and a full liquor bar.

You’ll go through a line where all the food is laid out, beautifully behind a glass. All the meats ready to be carved followed by the side dishes. Now you pick out a table. It doesn’t matter where you sit there is so much to see. Your server quickly greets you and gets you the cocktail of your choice. The barbecue was amazing, I was in heaven. You can visit their website at


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