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Setting Up A Buffet Table

on October 7, 2013

No matter what the event is that I’m doing.  I like to make sure that the table that the food is being served from can be seen by all, no matter where they are seated.  To do that I use different elevation points.  Unlike when your eating at your own table you wouldn’t want the centerpiece or pieces to block your view of the guests seated across from you.  In cases of events of any kind, I prefer to set the table off to the side however I want it to grab every ones attention.  This particular event was held in a church of a dear friend of mine.  I believe that within the budget allowed I pulled off a spectacular table. I talked about food being the centerpiece in an earlier blog well this is the whole table.  The lighting in the church was not as good as I had hoped for, in terms of picture taking, but you get the idea.  Later I’ll talk about drink and bar tables and how they should be set up.  Here’s a shot that was sent to me after the event was over of my table.Image


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